Entertainment and sports venues must deliver an engaging and enjoyable experience. Reason being that they want to keep seats filled and impress fans and audiences. If the games or show get boring and non-engaging, supposed attendees may decide to just see the event or game from the comfort of their homes, without having to pay for tickets. In more ways that one, digital signage in the cloud is a fantastic solution for venue developers and planners.

For many years, technology like digital signage has been used for both indoor and outdoor entertainment and sports venues. Now, with the improvement of display technology in recent times, it’s the best time to use digital signage in the cloud. There are several display applications like scoreboards, advertising, and way-finding displays that engage fans, communicate relevant and targeted messages to audiences.

With novel trends in digital signage, the sports and entertainment industry can leverage advances in social media, software,user-generated content, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and many more. Here’s how digital signage can help both industries:

digital signage for sports and entertainment

Delivering Real-Time Messaging

One impressive way digital signage in the cloud can help these two industries is by providing customized applications and displays for large crowds at outdoor venues. Digital signage can utilize the power of AI and IoT to display real-time content. For instance, sensors can detect a rise in temperature and the signage will display a message that will inform attendees to bring sunscreen to the venue or purchase

Digital signage in sports and entertainment venues will inform the audience on locations to grab a sweatshirt of their favorite music star or sports team. It can also display post-game messages for traffic updates and other relevant information.

Increase Attendance

Another reason why digital signage in the cloud is perfect for both industries is that they bolster attendance levels, especially in stadiums and sports centers. Because displays will give viewers more details about the events, people will want to see every match live. Digital signage is a great way to display replays, statistics, and highlights that are visible to every attendee. Digital signage in sports contributes to improves the viewing experience. Impressed attendees can help spread the word about the benefits of displays.

digital signage screen for sports and entertainment

Strengthens Fan Engagement

It’s common to see VIP fans enjoying direct activities and higher engagements. However, the remaining fans and spectators can interact with the digital displays and billboards in the venues and stadiums. Organizers can utilize the power of social media during breaks. In a few seconds, you can display some interesting social media comments, tweets, and posts from fans. This can help build interesting conversations and situations amongst audiences for positive engagement and user-experience.

Way-finding and Better Navigation

In venues like arenas and stadiums, way-finding is a fantastic way to use digital signage in entertainment and sports. In these venues, it’s quite difficult to navigate crowds and the enormous size of the venue. Digital signage in the cloud can help visitors to locate specific parts of the stadium, the bathrooms, shops, seats, and other important locations in and around the venue. A digital display at vital points largely promotes efficiency in crowded venues.

Way-finding and navigation are crucial because there’s always plenty of room to get lost in sports and entertainment venues. There are lots of lounges, corridors, and floors. So, making use of digital signage informs and enlightens people of the available exits. They also help to restore some form of orderliness when a concert or game is over or during an emergency. Navigation and way-finding are arguably one of the vital ways digital signage in the cloud can help entertainment and sports venues.



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