When you start using SignageTube, it’s easy to click around and get confused and then you start panicking. Trust us, that is normal. With a little help from our side, you can easily teach yourself how to use it and how you send your messages to remote screens.

SignageTube is the revolutionary signage channel that will take your screens to new heights of impact and engagement. With our cutting-edge features and intuitive interface, SignageTube offers you the ultimate solution for all your digital signage needs. Whether you’re looking to captivate your audience with stunning advertisements, deliver important announcements with precision, or create an immersive brand experience that leaves a lasting impression, SignageTube is your go-to platform. Join our community today and unlock the limitless potential of your screens!

How to sign up?

Learn how to sign up for a free SignageTube account in a few easy steps. Then you get an email with the log on information for your administrative account and control panel.

How to install the player on Windows?

See how easy it is to install the player app on a Windows computer or device.

How to install the player on an Android phone?

Download the player app from the Google Play Store and install it on an Android phone.

How to install the player on an Android tablet?

See step-by-step how to install the player app on a tablet with the Android operating system. Download it directly from the Google Play Store.

How to install the player app on a smart TV?

Smart TVs have many advantages for digital signage and SignageTube. Learn how to install it.

How to connect a player to your account?

Once that you have installed the player app on a computer or device, you have to connect that device to your SignageTube account so that you can communicate with it. This is done via a unique connection ID. 

How to configure Auto Logon on Windows?

When a Windows computer boots, you want to start the player app automatically without logging on with username and password. Learn how to accomplish that.

How to use a presentation template?

Explore our great digital signage presentation templates. Choose your category and pick a presentation that you can download and edit before you send it to your digital signage screens.

How to send a presentation to a player?

Most important of digital signage is to send and schedule a presentation or video to a player. See here how to upload a file to your SignageTube cloud and how it is scheduled for playback on your player.

How to play full screen on Android?

By default you get to see the navigation bar at the bottom of the player. Of course we want to play full screen. Learn how to change that forever.