Are you working at a design agency that designs great PowerPoint presentations? Have you ever noticed digital signage, perhaps at a fast food restaurant or in a shopping mall and thought, “What I horrible design. I could do a lot better.”?

If so, we are looking for you!

Digital signage and digital menu boards CAN be designed in PowerPoint and you can use our SignageTube cloud-based digital signage solution to turn your fantastic PowerPoint digital menus, advertising or other information screens into a digital signage solution you sell to your clients.

Basically, your design agency does the design, then you can use our digital signage system to manage your clients digital signage system and library. No specialty software to buy, the system works on:

  • any Windows-based computer, tablet, PC stick
  • any Android Smart TV, phone and tablet
  • and soon work on iPhones and iPads.
Design Agencies Digital Signage Opportunities

Digital Signage = Explosive Growth

Everywhere you look, digital signage is taking over from traditional signage. Digital signage solutions can include movement, video, graphics, animation and sound and are much easier to change than print signage.

Shopping malls, airports, banks, universities, government agencies, manufacturers and restaurants all use digital signage.

Nearly every restaurant is now using digital menu boards to keep their menus up to date and to make it easy for their patrons to see what is offered. Digital menu boards have become a must-have for many restaurants and many of them are rushing to convert from traditional signs to digital. Over the next 10 years, the number of restaurants in need of digital menu boards will skyrocket.

These restaurants and businesses won’t have the design, technical skills or time to manage their own digital signage properly, so they will be looking to outsource to a design agency like yours.

This creates excellent opportunities for your design agency, not only for the initial design, but to update the designs and manage the technical side of ensuring the digital signage and menu boards are always up and displaying properly.

PowerPoint Design Agency converting to digital signage

Scalable Design Agency Solution

Our design agency digital signage solution is scalable. So, whether your client is a small, local coffee shop or the next McDonalds, we’ve got you covered.

You can even set up your own city or country-wide advertising network where you sell ads and show them across theĀ  entire network.

Our playlist management and digital signage reporting systems are robust and built right in to our system so you can easily provide your clients with the service and reporting they need.

Residual income for Your Design Agency

Marketing to continually find new clients is a massive expense of both time and money for your design agency. Every subscription of our SignageTube service gives a monthly commission to you. So you have an ongoing source of revene from us plus your clients will contact you again and again for changes to their digital signage. They will contact you again when they have a new menu or price, or when they are opening a new restaurant at a new location.

This lets you earn more from each client you worked so hard to acquire and reduces the constant pressure to land more clients.

Working Together

We have over 21 years of experience in digital signage. We created SignageTube as a digital signage solution in the cloud, where you can upload a PowerPoint design in a web-browser to a screen and schedule it. We take care of the conversions, scheduling and transfers to the television/screen players, while you can focus on the design, and be a local partner of us.

Digital signage can be used in almost any commercial shop or office: real-estate listings, job postings, safety instructions in companies and factories, way-finding, info screens at exhibitions and so on. You can all design those great PowerPoint designs and add a source of residual income at the same time.

So please sign up as an affiliate and express your desire to become a Certified SignageTube Design Agency. Do it before your competitor starts with it. Apply here.



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