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EUR 7.99 / month / year

This is a license to add one digital signage player device to your digital signage server account. From then on, you can send digital signage presentations and movies to your digital signage screens. The digital signage server account is hosted on our digital signage servers.

This premium plan is perfect for a shop/location with one screen, a shop/location with multiple screens, and even multiple shops/locations with multiple screens. Your account is secure and protected. You can add your colleagues and allow them to work a smaller list of players only. So you can add a shop-owner to the digital signage server and grant them access to the digital signage player of his/her shop. With this access, they can monitor their own players only. He can upload digital signage presentations and movies to his players only. Optionally you have the option to first review their uploads before it is shown on the screens. This option is more for large organizations where you typically have more shops or locations and more personnel. Maybe some franchise owners.

A player license will make sure that you can upload digital signage presentations and movies to your SignageTube account. You can schedule the playback of your advertising and messages on an individual screen or a group of screens. You can see the planning, see real-time thumbnails of the player, and get notifications per email.

Choose the number of licenses (one per digital signage player) in the quantity below. 3 screens, each with their own player would be a total of 3 licenses. If you have only a single player, choose a single license.

This license comes as a subscription for this digital signage service.

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This product is a digital signage player license that allows you to run your digital signage presentations and movies on one device. You can connect the following devices to your digital signage account:

  • computer screen
  • normal television screen
  • smart TV (Android driven)
  • phone
  • tablet

This includes

  • 25 GB Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Access to our Templates
  • Client application for Windows, iOS and Android
  • Multiple Sites with Authentication and Permissions


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