feature digital signage on Android TV

We are proud to announce that we have released our newest 1.2 version of the SignageTube Player app for the Android operating systems.

This is what is new:

Android TV

Our version 1.2 is now accepted at the Google Play Store for Android TV. It was already accepted for other devices like phones and tablets. Now we can add Android TV devices to that list of accepted devices. This means that for Android TV devices like TV sticks, you don’t need to install the APK setup manually anymore, but you can go to the Play Store on your TV stick, download, and install it from there.

Check out this blog article on how to use a TV stick for your television screens.

Faster Servers

We switched our SignageTube server infrastructure to faster servers. You can experience this already with faster uploads of presentations and videos that you upload to your control panel. Also, the players will be able to download the digital signage content much quicker than before.

No Downtime While Playlist Change

We have improved the switching between 2 playlists. With the original version, the time between the stopping of the old playlist and the starting of the new playlist, was too long. This has been optimized. Now there is an instant switch between 2 playlists to enhance your viewing pleasure with no downtime.


There was a small grey border visible around the video on Android devices. This is now completely gone. Enjoy our full screen experience with our latest SignageTube Player version.



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