Digital screens are not only meant for external advertising, marketing or promotions, it could also be used for internal purposes in corporate settings. While its external usage can not be undermined, digital signage serves the internal organization even better. It eases the activities of corporate managements and increases employee productivity in numerous ways.

There are a plethora of things that can be displayed on digital signage screens for corporations.

Do you run a business and have digital signage in the cloud installed, but just for outdoor purposes? Well, after reading this article, you will likely find a way to install digital signage in the cloud inside your corporation.

Things can be displayed on a corporate screen include the following:

Internal Communication

The need for free flow and effective internal communication cannot be overemphasized. Corporations and businesses need to constantly have a good flow of communication between all the levels of management and the employees. This enables productivity and increases a business’s output. When workers can easily communicate processes between themselves at ease, it reduces sluggishness and poor execution of ideas.

When a new policy is implemented, an organization with internal digital signage can easily execute such policy. The redundancy that follows the distribution of static signage is removed with digital signage. All that is needed is for the management to display whatever it seeks to communicate on the display.

Inter-Departmental Communication

An organization that comprises of various departments needs those departments to function in unison in order to achieve the organization’s goal. Management can, therefore, place digital screens in the various departments to enable smooth communication between these departments for the grand purpose of effectively executing company policies.

If a department needs a service of another department for the completion or combination of a project, that information can simply be displayed on the other department’s digital signage in the cloud display board.

Interactive Whiteboards

Management can make of digital signage in the cloud to display the contents of a meeting. Digital signage in the cloud can be combined with other tools such as the interactive touch display to share ideas during board meetings. Instead of a static medium where content is manually exchanged, corporations can make use of digital screens to enhance ideas during meetings.

Employee Incentives

A major boost to work is a good incentive that’s why corporations all over find creative ways to provide incentives for their employees. Now, with digital signage in the cloud, corporations can now display employee incentives on the various digital screens in the organization. This will have a positive impact on other employees, causing them to work more and more for that type of recognition.

A Good Welcome

First impressions matter a lot, and that is why corporations need to have a digital signage screen in their reception. A good welcome message can be displayed across the screen for visitors and also provide them with necessary information that will help them take action. Who said you can’t do internal advertising or promotion? With a digital screen in your reception, you can easily sell your products to your customers.


A digital visitor wayfinder can be displayed on digital screens in an organization. This will enable visitors to easily find their way around the organization’s premises and within the organization. This is necessary as your customers/visitors do not want to appear lost in your building. Also, digital wayfinding is a fantastic tool that can help your new employees too. With this, an organization would not have to invest a lot in showing new employees around. The digital wayfinder will always be there to guide the employee and visitors at all time.



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