Lobbies and receptions are the first thing your employees see every time they walk through your entrance. Also, they are the first thing a new visitor, prospective customer or potential employee see first when they walk through your door. By implication, the reception area gives the first impression about the image of your company or brand. And you know what they say about first impression…

display info on your reception area TV

Usually, the reception area is equipped with cozy chairs in the waiting lounge, television screens or some other form of entertainment to keep the visitors busy while they wait. That means, as much as you want to keep your visitors entertained while they wait, you can also use your televisions in the reception lounge for so much more. To make all the difference in your communication strategy and achieve more, it’s time to invest in digital signage in the cloud for your business environment. Instead of just using the televisions in your reception halls to display general entertainment that may not be relevant to your business or brand image as such, you can use them as digital signage in the cloud displays to broadcast your product offerings and advertise your brand especially to new visitors to your workspace.

Without mincing words, digital signage in the cloud is a modern and professional method to provide a warm welcome to visitors or customers entering your company building, office, lobby, hotel, museum, restaurant or mall. Instead of using traditional static signs or using your reception area television for the same old boring entertainment programming, this dynamic welcome screen allows you to display personalized welcome messages or visitor greeting as well as general information, employee profiles, company presentations and up-to-date news on your reception lounge’s flat TV screen. With this dynamic digital signage in the cloud displays, you can also help visitors to navigate within a building. This makes your reception TV screen more than just a cool gadget – you get to transform it to an attractive welcome system and a modern communication tool with a wide range of useful applications!

How SignageTube Can Help You Transform Your Reception Area TV to Lively Displays 

You may have been seeing or hearing about digital signage in the cloud solutions and wondering how to take advantage of it for your business too. It’s not rocket science. With our digital display application, serving visitors up-to-date and reliable information about your company is easier than you could ever dream of. With SignageTube, you get to enjoy the fascinating benefits of digital signage in the cloud service for your business like no other. Managing and editing contents is easier, and what’s more? – They can be deployed anywhere as long as you are connected to the cloud.

reception area TV screen with your presentation

Once you install SignageTube, our seamless and responsive digital signage in the cloud application for your reception area television, you can design interactive and animated slideshows with your favorite presentation editor, such as Microsoft PowerPoint and send your presentations directly to the cloud without any hitch. You can create, edit and delete playlists as often as you like and the cloud service adds another edge of functionality to it. That means you won’t have to worry about loss of your content stored on storage hardware, everything is backed up on the cloud and can be deployed on the go. You can customize welcome messages, display videos and other multimedia contents, news and weather reports, maps and even your social media feeds seamlessly and quickly using our application.

SignageTube is easy to use, and you can also schedule time-controlled playlists or display ad hoc content at the press of a button. It works seamlessly with your regular content management software – that means you can stick to the tools you are used to without having to invest in learning how to use a new, complex design application and still get the best digital signage in the cloud service for your business!



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