When it comes to deploying digital signage in the cloud service for your business, there are several factors that should influence your mechanism and mode of deployment. However, in order to ensure effectiveness of your campaigns, while the content is paramount, the screen orientation or layout of your digital signage in the cloud screens should be one of those important factors to consider.

Traditionally, in digital signage displays, the screen orientation or layout can either be a vertical portrait or a horizontal landscape orientation. So, now that you’ve already decided to switch to digital signage in the cloud displays for your advertising and marketing campaigns, how do you know which screen orientation is best for your business?

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Using Landscape Orientation

Generally, landscape displays are considered one of the most popular and versatile design layouts because of its adaptable size. This can be attributed to the fact that it looks identical to the appearance of a TV screen, which makes it appear catchier and more visually-appealing than the portrait-oriented digital signage in the cloud screens. Furthermore, the most common orientation for videos is the landscape format, thus making this orientation the more suitable orientation, especially for the presentation of motion pictures and dynamic slides.

In a more professional sense, research has shown that landscape-oriented screens are more easily remembered and retained by the audience than the portrait-oriented diplays because the landscape orientation is nearer to a human’s exact field of vision which tends to be wider than longer.

Using Portrait Orientation

Portrait orientation, on the other hand, is more adaptable to product-specific requirements, such as for unique branding or product emphasis. Portrait-oriented screens are often used for items and products with specific business needs. This means that customers who pick portrait mode often do so with a specific goal in view. Other clients might request the portrait-mounted screens due to space constraints for displaying important information such as building directories and maps on narrow columns or for digital menu boards to give the incoming audience a peek of the company’s products or services.

Which Should You Use for Your Digital Signage in the Cloud Displays?

Working with both landscape and portrait layouts can be quite burdensome as the content creator would have to create unique content to fit into each of both layouts. Even if the creator and curator of the content is well versed in layout management, resizing and rescaling from one orientation to the other can be quite time-consuming. Generally, landscape screens require horizontal designs while portrait screens need vertical designs. Because rescaling and resizing demands extra effort, this may also increase the company’s costs if they are looking to use both layouts for their digital signage in the cloud boards. For this reason, it is best to pick one design orientation and stick with it for your advertising and marketing campaigns.

Pertaining content presentation for your digital signage in the cloud boards, landscape orientation has a somewhat different specification from portrait orientation. Generally, portrait screens are not very message-friendly as they lack the horizontal width needed for a long headline to span before wrapping to the next line. However, important headlines don’t always need to be lengthy to catch the audience’s attention. If the message is enhanced with good visual content, it can still go a long way.


In summary, landscape-oriented digital signage in the cloud displays are more often used than portrait-oriented displays due to the fact that the media resources are often in sync with the landscape layout. That doesn’t mean the portrait-oriented screens are totally useless for your digital signage in the cloud screens. What is most important is to ensure that whichever orientation you will be using fully utilizes the screen that you would like to use and rightly conveys your intended messages.



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