​Digital signage in the cloud is a new communication medium for displaying dynamic and  captivating content on screen. This content can be in various formats such as images, videos, and some other engaging information. From being just a tool for advertising by the big brands alone, the digital signage in the cloud service has come a long way as it’s now being applied across several sectors and industries.

Every day as you go out, you’ll notice that there are dynamic displays as drive down the road, walk into a restaurant or mall or even head to the airport. Not just that, schools, churches, and even government offices have switched to using dynamic displays in the form of digital menu boards, touch-screen kiosks and interactive video walls that engage passers-by with useful content.

Recently, digital signage in the cloud has become a veritable real-time communication channel for police departments for sending updates, alerts, and critical information to the public to help prevent crime, apprehend suspects and improve safety. This is a testament to the digital signage in the cloud’s versatility. Even beyond the already-known uses and application of digital signage in the cloud to reach and inform the public, there are still many potentials that lies in the service. Some of these potentials are explained below.

Design Agencies Digital Signage Opportunities

​Enhancing Public Protection

The primary aim of law enforcement is to protect and serve the people, and digital signage in the cloud is an effective tool the police can use in protecting the public. For example, there have been instances where police departments broadcast public safety messages on digital billboards along major highways to warn the people of impending hazards and volatile areas and ultimately keep them out of harm’s way. Similarly, digital signage in the cloud screens can also been used to share real-time weather updates and important evacuation information in the event of severe weather conditions like hurricanes, blizzards, tsunamis, floods and tornadoes.

Facilitating Crime Prevention

While digital signage in the cloud can help the police arrest and nab criminals after the commission of crime, the service can also be deployed for the prevention of crimes and threat against public safety. This is why the police and other public service organizations have continued to harness the power of digital signage in the cloud to inform and educate the public in a timely fashion.

Recently, there have been public awareness campaigns powered by non-governmental organizations in partnership with the police departments on preventing texting and driving, overspeeding, and vandalism. In addition, digital signage in the cloud screens can be used to display the photos of criminals and probably play relevant videos so viewers can get a vivid description of the fugitive’s appearance. Apart from helping the police in nabbing a criminal, this approach will also notify the citizens to stay alert should they ever come in contact with that person of interest.

Design Agencies Digital Signage Opportunities

Promoting Display of Internal Information

The power of digital signage in the cloud screens for the police is not limited to external broadcasting of information alone. Depending on flexibility, police departments can also use digital signage in the cloud to remotely edit and update content for use in their local offices. This removes the effort of printing static traditional signage and saves time on having to manually update the department’s signage. In their local stations, police department can use digital signage in the cloud boards to display a combination of relevant information like most wanted bulletins, local command and district news, crime fighting targets and goals, training protocols and information and several other internal notifications and news bulletins.


By facilitating crime prevention and enhancing public protection through emergency warnings, digital signage in the cloud service will go a long way in helping the police department discharge its duties and ensure a safer society.



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