Numerous digital signage companies already exist and are providing digital signage services, but what makes us different? What puts SignageTube ahead of all other digital signage companies? Well, this article will provide you with enough details on why you should use our digital signage services and why SignageTube is better. You do not want to find yourself using outdated tools, or having to suffer from certain limitations when using digital signage in the cloud. The end-result of such can be frustrating, but here at SignageTube, we want you to have the best digital signage experience. If that’s what you desire, then read the following features we have in store for our users.


For over 20 years, PresentationPoint has been providing clients with digital signage. SignageTube has developed over time and learned more advanced ways of offering digital signage in the cloud to clients. In our 20 years of operation, we have recorded a ton of repeat clients worldwide. This goes to prove that our services are top-notch and well trusted among digital signage users. Here at SignageTube, we have learned the most important thing that all digital signage clients desire; simplicity. Simplicity allows users to easily browse through our simple interface and locate the services that they need. In order to make it more profitable, we made it so simple that even users without tech skills will be able to easily make use of digital signage in the cloud. This will save you money that would have gone into employing an IT personnel for your business.

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Cross Platform

One major problem that people face when using digital signage or any other online productive tool is the lack of cross-platform compatibility. When a user faces an issue such as this, he/she might end up being discouraged and unable to complete the required task. SignageTube helps you to avoid such with its cross-platform compatibility. Our platform is open to all kinds of users: iOS, Windows, and Android. You do not have to worry about the operating system of your phone/computer/tablet with SignageTube. You can, therefore, start a task on your Windows-powered computer and schedule and send it to an Android-driven Smart TV.

PowerPoint based

SignageTube is the only digital signage company that allows you to use all the features that are available on PowerPoint to design and edit your presentations. This will provide you a vast range of options when creating a design. With SignageTube, there are no limitations to what you can create. Once you conceive an idea for your digital signage, we make sure that you’re provided with all the tools that are needed.

Access from Everywhere

SignageTube provides you with digital signage in the cloud. This is an important feature that any digital signage user needs. SignageTube allows you to design and use digital signage in the cloud from wherever you are in the world. With this feature, you can upload and change your digital boards from your home. Digital signage in the cloud saves all your previous designs, allowing you to make use of them whenever and wherever. It costs less money and saves time.

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Solid Proof of Play

SignageTube provides users with proof of play. This allows you to send a report to your advertisers so they can know the exact time their ads are being played. This report also provides you with analysis about your media, allowing you to check how many times it played and the reasons why it might have stopped abruptly.

Proven Technology

SignageTube works based on proven technology. You never have to fear of using non-tested or beta tech when on SignageTube, because all our tools are in general use. You would not have to learn any special tech in order to make use of our platform.  We also provide email alerts regularly about new packages and updates, keeping you up to date with all of our features.



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