screen with a digital signage menu board on the television in a shop

They’re everywhere. In the big box store, on the counter at the coffee, above the heads of the people at the fast food counter, and even in the doctor’s office.

Advertising screens are the perfect way to inform, engage, sell, and build relationships with your customers, clients, and others.

You’re able to put anything you want on the screen.

  • Specials menu
  • Health and safety information
  • Sales
  • Employee recognition
  • Anything else

Up to now, it’s been difficult. If you wanted to put anything on a screen, it took a while to get it to fit.

If you wanted to put it on multiple screens, you had to be in each of those locations or send the files to someone else to do.

Our app, SignageTube, makes it easier.

  • Sign in
  • Add sites and players – You don’t need any special equipment. You can use any computer, tablet, or smartphone attached to your monitors or televisions.
  • Create your playlists. Making playlists is as easy as creating a PowerPoint slide.
  • Schedule your playlists so that Signage Tube plays them exactly when you want.

There’s a lot of smart programming in here that takes care of everything for you, from synchronizing your monitors to showing what’s playing in real time.



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