When it comes to creating effective digital signage, font choice is critical. The text that you use needs to be legible, visually appealing, and help convey your message to your audience. In this article, we will discuss the 11 best fonts for digital signage that will help you create effective and engaging content.

1. Helvetica

Helvetica font

Helvetica is a ubiquitous font that is commonly used for signs, logos, and advertisements. It was created in 1957 and has since become a household name in the design industry. Helvetica offers various variations, allowing users to customize the font to their needs.

One of the significant benefits of Helvetica is its high readability, even at small sizes. This makes it an excellent choice for digital signage, where effective communication is crucial. The modern-looking letters and versatility of Helvetica make it a popular choice for businesses across different industries.

2. Arial

Arial font

Arial is a go-to sans-serif font that is often used for digital signage. It is similar to Helvetica but has slightly wider spacing between letters making it easier to read from a distance. Arial’s modern look, simplicity, and readability make it an excellent choice for digital signage.

3. Open Sans

Open sans font

Open Sans, created by a professional designer, comes in various styles and weights. Its modern appearance and high readability make it a popular choice for digital signage displays. Open Sans is easily accessible as a free font on Google Fonts, which is a plus for Windows users.

The font is designed to be readable even at small sizes and on different screen types, making it highly versatile for digital signage. It is an excellent choice when displaying text with different sizes and lengths.

4. Roboto

roboto font

Roboto is a modern sans-serif font designed by Google, making it a suitable choice for digital signage on Windows. This font has a neutral appearance, making it versatile for various types of signage displays. It is highly readable, even at smaller sizes, ensuring effective communication with your audience.

Another advantage of Roboto is its accessibility to Windows users. It can be downloaded and installed for free, making it an easily accessible and popular choice for businesses looking for a clean and crisp aesthetic.

5. Montserrat

Montserrat font

Montserrat is a widely used font for signage due to its modern and clean appearance. Designed by Julieta Ulanovsky, this sans-serif font is available in various weights. Montserrat is highly legible, even at small sizes, making it suitable for signage displays that require small print.

The font’s wide letter spaces improve readability and make it highly effective when used for headlines or focal points. Its stylish appearance and ease of use make it a popular font choice for a wide range of digital signage projects.

6. Lato

Lato font

Lato is an elegant and professional font suitable for digital signage on Windows. Its light weight makes it versatile for different screen sizes, and its clean sharp edges enhance its readability. Lato comes in various weights and styles, allowing for creativity in digital signage projects.

7. Bebas Neue

Bebas neue font

Bebas Neue is a trendy and eye-catching font that stands out in digital signage displays. This all-caps font has a modern and bold appearance, making it ideal for creating impact and attracting attention. Bebas Neue can be used as a headline font or for short bursts of text.

The font’s simplicity and boldness make it highly legible, even at a distance. Its unique style adds a touch of creativity and modernity to your digital signage.

8. Impact

Impact font

Impact is a bold and commanding font that demands attention. Its thick, wide letterforms make it stand out on digital signage displays. Impact is commonly used for headlines and focal points, where it creates a strong visual impact.

Despite its boldness, Impact remains highly readable on digital screens. Its simplicity and large letterforms ensure that your message is clear and easily understood by viewers from afar.

9. Calibri

Calibri font

Calibri is a modern and widely used font that is easy to read on digital screens. Its rounded letters and clean design make it a popular choice for businesses looking for a contemporary font for their digital signage. Calibri is readily available on most Windows devices, making it easily accessible for digital signage displays.

The font’s versatility and readability make it suitable for both headline texts and body texts. Its modern aesthetic conveys a sense of innovation and freshness, making it an excellent choice for businesses aiming to create a contemporary feel.

10. Raleway

raleway font

Raleway is a sans-serif font that is similar to Futura but has a more subtle geometric look. It has a sleek, modern look that is readable and versatile, perfect for digital signage. Raleway has many available weights and styles, making it easy to use for a variety of applications.

11. Avenir Next

Avenir Next font

Avenir Next is a commercial font known for its high readability and versatility. It is perfect for both body text and headlines, making it a good choice if you need a font that can do both. Avenir Next has a clean and modern appearance, making it suitable for various types of digital signage displays.

One of the major advantages of Avenir Next is its timeless and classic design. This makes it ideal for businesses looking to create a long-term and effective digital signage campaign.


The fonts you choose for digital signage are crucial to delivering an effective message. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a font that is readable, visually appealing, and suitable for the context of your message. The list of fonts provided is an excellent place to start, and picking the right font for your next digital signage project is crucial to make it successful. Experiment and choose the font that best represents your brand and appeals to your target audience.

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