Now that you’ve seen the numerous benefits of using the digital signage in the cloud for your business, and definitely convinced it will work for your business marketing plans and advertising campaigns, you may still wonder what to do to really set up your own digital signage in the cloud advertising network in order to gain that competitive edge your business needs. Granted, starting the process of purchasing the necessary equipment and installing digital signs can be a complex process. So, this article will help you on the essentials as you begin to set up your digital signage in the cloud advertising network.

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Get a High-Definition Screen

You should know that the most important hardware of your digital signage in the cloud system is the display itself. This is why you need a high-quality screen that produces a clear and bright picture, so that your sign may bring in the expected results. So, use a professional screen, not just any regular television.

Select the Right Technology

The best choice of display screens for your digital signage in the cloud network is the LCD commercial-grade monitors. These commercial-grade monitors usually include heat vents and cooling fans so they can withstand long hours of use. Furthermore, these screens usually come with economic power consumption to minimize energy costs.

More importantly, these monitors must have a VGA or HDMI input so they can be connected to a media player. It is equally important that your selected monitor can display content horizontally or vertically so as to enhance flexibility with your digital signage in the cloud advertising network.

Choose the Fitting Screen Size

When deciding on the appropriate screen size for your digital signage in the cloud displays, you need to consider the distance between the sign and your target viewer, the content display format, and the content elements that will be on display. It is recommended that screen sizes be within the range of 42-70 inches.

Buy Media Player/Software

Once you’ve selected the screen for your sign, you will need to acquire the software to transfer your content to the screen. For this purpose, you need a media player or device that displays your content on the screen and the content management system or CMS, the software that allows you to create content for your digital signage in the cloud network.

Sometimes, you can get a device with built-in media player and the CMS. Other times, you might need to separately acquire the components and configure them to get what you need to set up your digital signage in the cloud network.

Get Uninterrupted Power Supply and High-Speed Internet Connection

Regardless of your choice of media player and software, you will definitely need a high-speed, hardwired internet connection for your digital signage in the cloud network. This becomes a necessity as you need to pull your content from the cloud to your signs. To decrease latency and buffering, it is recommended that you hardwire to the internet source.

It is very important that you set up your digital signage in the cloud network in a place that won’t require you to expose your wires. The less exposed wires you have, the less uncluttered your workspace will be, and more importantly, the more professional your presentation will appear.

In addition, your digital signage in the cloud network needs adequate power supply to function. It is also important that you place your digital signage in areas that have uninterrupted access to internet and power supply.

Setting up a digital signage in the cloud network is similar to connecting the pieces of a puzzle. While the process of pulling it all together may seem cumbersome or difficult, installing your digital signage network can actually be a piece of cake when you work with a professional team that knows the details of equipment, installation, and content management, so your business can achieve its advertising goals and meet sales target.



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