With this simple article, we will show you how to give a more prominent place to the SignageTube digital signage player. In the end, you just need this AndroidTV to run your signage on a television. In a professional environment, you are probably not going to use an Android TV stick for gaming, but for your digital signage only.

So when the AndroidTV stick or device boots, you want to start the digital signage ASAP (as soon as possible) and AEAP (as easy as possible).

The best place to set your digital signage app is on the channel with the favorite apps. Here where the Netflix app is located.

Set your favorite digital signage app on AndroidTV

On the favorite app channel, click the button with the plus (+) sign at the end.

Click the plus button

Now you get a list of all apps that are installed on this AndroidTV device. Select the SignageTube Player app for this.

list of all apps installed

The SignageTube app is not added to the channel. It is positioned as last app on this channel.

app added to the favorites channel

The best is to select this app and press the center button (enter) of your remote control for a few seconds. That will open a popup menu with the options to Open, Move, and Remove from favorites.

open popup menu to move

Select the Move option here and then use the arrow keys to reposition the app on the channel. Click the left arrow on your remote control to bring it to the first position. Click the right arrow for the opposite direction. Finally, click the Enter button again to confirm the position.

select the move option

There we are. We now have a better position for digital signage on your AndroidTV device, better than Netflix.

Did you know that we call our app the ‘Netflix for businesses’?

To avoid confusion, you can remove the other apps from the favorites channel.

favorite digital signage app set on channel

As of now it is very easy to launch the SignageTube app. You can explain any user to just start the first app on the favorite channel, your SignageTube app for your digital signage.



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