Digital signage in the cloud has its benefits for all industries and manufacturing is definitely top of that list. The benefits it packs for factories is expansive. From security and health benefits to clear and effective communication; digital signage provides so much more. Below are a few benefits to be gained by using digital signage by factories.


Workplace accidents are much more prevalent in the manufacturing industry. The machines and new technology that are installed every day for the sole purpose of production can sometimes be alien to both old and new employees. Without proper training and education on those machines and technologies, employees can easily become victims of workplace injury. This will lead to numerous problems such as less productivity and in the worst case, a personal injury lawsuit. Setting up safety measures is way cheaper than settling a personal injury lawsuit.

Digital signage can help increase occupational health and safety by displaying guidelines on how to properly operate a machine or new technology in the factory. Supervisors can create safety contents using PowerPoint and upload them to the various digital screens in the factory. If there is any unforeseen incident in the factory, safety measures can be easily displayed on the various digital boards.

Digital signage can also help prevent factory visitors from unnecessary accidents. It can also serve as navigation for those unfamiliar with the factory environment.

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Employee Training

Digital signage in the cloud can be used to train both old and new employees. Just like the above, this training will increase occupational health and safety.

Old static means of training factory employees have numerous limitations. The mode of operation of these machines would not be captured wholesomely by static means of training. If trainers are determined to capture all of its functions and features, it will require a lot of work and resources unlike digital signage in the cloud which can make use of limited resources to effectively train employees.

The dynamic nature of digital signage enables trainers to develop coherent training content that will do more with less. The ability to create videos with digital signage will allow trainers to create dynamic lessons that will cover all the features and functions of new technology in one class.

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Human Resource Communication

With digital signage in the cloud, human resource managers can easily communicate with employees in the factory. When new policies are executed in the factory, digital signage enables such policies to circulate faster and easily in the factory. Communication in a factory is imperative, therefore, employing an effective means of carrying out such a task is as important.

With digital signage in the cloud, information can reach every department in the factory simultaneously. The old means of communication involved notice boards that could only allow for pictures and text, but with digital signage, human resource managers can now communicate through whatever means that best fit the details.

Digital signage in the cloud also can be used to communicate to customers and visitors in the factory. Digital boards can be placed in factory receptions to communicate and entertain guests. It can also be used to promote and advertise new products. This may influence customers to make more purchases.

Employee Incentive

Incentives would trigger a better performance from an employee. That’s actually the idea but what if an incentive that’s given to a single employee is made public? Using digital signage to announce incentives throughout the factory may create an urge for better performance in other employees. It also shows the value that the factory places on its employees.



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