Cultivating a culture of open communication in the workplace is overwhelmingly essential to the success of any organization. In practical terms, effective communication enhances camaraderie, team spirit and the overall efficiency in any company. Even though technology provides several means of workplace communication today, many companies still rely on email and online chat services for interacting and conveying information. However, there are other forms of technology that are viable and even more effective for workplace communication than the aforementioned. One of such technologies is the digital signage in the cloud technology.

Even though digital signage in the cloud service has been proven to be very effective and useful in retail environments, many corporate offices overlook the innovative platform because they lack the awareness and are not well acquainted with the humongous benefits that come with its deployment. In reality, digital signage in the cloud can be very useful when deployed in an office space. From creating and increasing customer satisfaction and retention to enhancing improvements in safety, productivity, and so much more, there are several ways this cloud-based technology can enhance engagement in the workplace as well. Consider the following advantages of digital signage in the cloud for enhanced workplace communication.

Enhanced Safety and Healthier Workspace

Informed research has shown that utilizing digital signage in the cloud can reduce workplace injuries by up to 20%, thereby helping the organization to create and maintain a healthier environment for its employees. Also, centrally-controlled and cloud-based digital signs provide employees life-saving tips, health-enhancing insights and safety advice in daily operations and even in emergency situations. The deployment of digital signage in the cloud enhances real-time communication throughout your business environment, and gives your employees the best possible chance of staying safe, healthy and danger-free.

​Improved Attention

Digital signage in the cloud displays feature compelling and captivating audio-visual presentations that garners 400% more attention than  old-fashioned static signs. Hence, creating animated, engaging digital signage  content will not only facilitate clearer and longer-lasting communication with your employees, it can also increase the overall feedback rate.

Increased Retention Rate

In the modern workplace, employee engagement is very crucial! Visual messaging is known to outdo text-only messages, especially as it concerns retention. Because they fully engage your employees’ senses of sight and sound, remembering and retaining information conveyed via digital signage in the cloud is easier and better. Digital signs are known to have recall rate of 83%, which means that it is much simpler for your employees and teams to absorb essential information and quickly recall them.

Optimized Productivity and Efficiency

By deploying digital signage in  the cloud solutions for corporate communications, you can dramatically optimize on-the-job productivity and increase your company’s effectiveness by over 22%! Using digital signs for internal workplace communications such as creating performance dashboards for monitoring key performance indicators and displaying performance/goal numbers and other essential metrics enables you to keep your team members informed appropriately so you can boost overall employee performance across all areas of your business.

Consistent Messaging

By broadcasting digital messages throughout your business premises from one central location, you can be sure that the content of your messages will remain the same throughout the business environment and the integrity of your information is not compromised. Using digital signage in the cloud for your workplace communication is a great way to reduce workplace gossip and misinformation and maintain consistent branding and messaging across all channels.

Furthermore, when you replace your outmoded paper and board signs with digital signage in the cloud solutions for communication at your workplace, you can reduce paper waste and your employees can trust that your company is progressive, tech-savvy and professional.



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