company-wide information screen

“The Board has awarded the Employee of the Year Award to Elizabeth Smith.”
“Have a great holiday vacation. We’ll see you next Wednesday.”
“Ramadan Mubarak to our Muslim coworkers.”

No matter what the message is, you can easily put it on screens throughout your company using SignageTube. Because there’s a calendar function, you can even set it up to put those messages up automatically.

Birthday announcements, the arrival of the company nurse, or the annual company picnic can all be announced on screens all over the plant, the office, or even the company worldwide.

The power to communicate in a simple visual way with the whole company at once can keep everyone on the same page.

This is the most efficient way to keep everyone on the same page as with SignageTube.

You don’t need any special equipment. Use your existing TVs with any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Simply download the app and sync screens anywhere, anytime.

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