When it comes to digital signage in the cloud solutions specially adapted for service-based businesses, menu boards are one important application of the service. Typically a channel of displaying menus electronically, a menu board tv is usually found at quick-serve restaurants (QSR), coffee shops, and service-based businesses. They provide an easy and convenient avenue to showcase sales opportunities to customers for up-sells, calories, and prices.

However, many restaurateurs and QSR entrepreneurs believe that implementing a digital signage in the cloud for their businesses would largely dent their financial standings. However, contrary to these widely-held beliefs, the total cost for software and hardware needed for deploying digital signage in the cloud solutions is actually lower than the speculated cost, especially if you already have televisions in your outlets.

menu board tv in quick serve restaurant

How to Make Digital Signage in the Cloud Menu Boards Work on Your Menu Board TV

In practice, a digital menu board only requires a few key components to work, and thus, can be deployed on a budget. In order to cut down on installation fees, your regular LED television mounted on the wall and a few peripheral devices will suffice. To deploy a digital signage in the cloud menu board, you need at least four components: a monitor or television, internet connection, media player, and our software, SignageTube, to transform your screen into a digital menu. It’s similar to using Netflix on your home TV.

As your menu or prices change, you can easily update these changes so they reflect on your digital menu board tv through our cloud-based dashboard, and your updates are effected immediately. In practice, a digital menu can be used to display several products your QSR business offers, especially if they change with time. Examples of these offerings include, displaying different menus at different times of the day, which is a great solution for your quick-serve restaurant, especially if it serves meals with different menus for each at different times in the day.

menu board tv in restaurants

How SignageTube Enhances Your Menu Board TVs

Even though restaurateur is an obvious target for digital menu boards, they aren’t the only ones who can actually use of them. There are a wide range of other industries for which digital displays with menus, content, or other information can be deployed. Examples of other lines of businesses that could benefit from a digital menu include hotels that may need to advertise happy hours in their bars, and welcome conventions; retail businesses where digital menu boards can be used to advertise new products, or current sales promotions; spas, gyms, salons and other service-based industries can easily change prices for special seasons and advertise trending packages; auto dealerships may also use menu boards to show off their vehicles’ accessory packages, and weekend or holiday promos.

If you desire to inform, market, or entertain your customers, a digital menu board is just a great investment. With our easy-to-install application, SignageTube, you can easily deploy digital signage in the cloud service is for almost any industry which has to communicate with its customers in a more efficient and dynamic way. Our cloud-based software is easy to use and includes user-friendly content management system, templates, graphic elements, and customer support, should you require to consult an expert.

Using SignageTube, you can edit the contents of your digital menu board (such as product titles, description, pricing and nutritional information) with your choice presentation editor (such as PowerPoint) ready for publishing to your digital menu boards with convenience. For dynamism, you can copy the menu board and change the contents to display different information at different times of the day, and day of the week, depending on what you are offering per time. Also, you can easily set up your products, description, pricing and. Once the digital signage in the cloud service has been successfully configured, you may use your mobile phone, tablet or PC connected to the network to manually change a product or price and the changes displayed on your menu boards automatically; either on a single digital menu board or many others across all your restaurants.



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