Cost-effective and highly engaging, digital signage is rapidly taking over the world of marketing. With brands across industries embracing digital signage over print advertising, to remain on top of your game – and your competition – it’s about time you roll up the print posters.

Research consistently shows that digital adverts are more engaging and eye-catching than traditional posters. 80% of brands experience up to 33% increase in sales after they make the switch to digital signage, and digital signage captures 400% more views than print or static advertising. But what makes digital ads so engaging?

Highly energy-efficient HD and 4K technologies lend vibrant and vivid colors to digital displays – something traditional print advertising simply cannot compete with. Additionally, digital signage opens up a whole new world of instant and customized communication, thanks to animation and videos. What’s more, the light coming from the digital screens allows for better visibility compared to print posters. Your consumers are naturally drawn to the light source, which is especially effective in dark environments. In fact, a 2012 FedEx survey found over 76% of Americans would enter a store they’ve never visited before based only on the appeal of its signs. Digital signage grabs your customers’ attention and elicits an emotional response. The human brain is wired in such a way that moving objects immediately attract its attention so it’s no surprise that bringing in-store signage to life results in a dramatic increase in sales.

In a world where time is money, digital signage trumps print advertising: it can be seamlessly updated with new content at the press of a button. Print posters cannot compete with digital signage’s flexibility: incorrectly printed or outdated content will send you right back to the printers for a new, time-consuming and expensive print run. Not to forget that print posters need to be put up and taken down, and printed material in magazines often needs to be printed repeatedly to be reinforced, realizing significant on-going costs. What’s more, print advertising makes it difficult to compete with a forward-thinking competition. Imagine, however, that your biggest competitor is launching a new campaign: with digital signage, you can counter their move instantly.

Digital signage’s ability to change content on the go, schedule, arrange and customize advertisements based on the time of the day or your target audience gives you an unmatched level of freedom and flexibility. At the same time, digital screens seamlessly enhance your consumers’ experience and boost their engagement with your brand.

In fact, as more and more brands are decisively making the switch to digital signage, remaining set in your ways can cost you more than wasted time or resources. Using print posters in a world where digital signage is the norm makes you look outdated and out-of-touch compared to your competition. Consumer demand now dictates that brands rely on cutting-edge, digital forms of advertising and making the switch can greatly enhance your company’s reputation.

Due to its nature, digital signage can also handle multiple messages at once: its dynamic content and motion graphics allows you to display any type of content to the appropriate audience, and communicate a wealth of ideas without your key message getting lost. Video and digital content entertain, educate and inspire and build an emotional connection that is the key to a successful business.

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