The trends of communication are evolving. The digital signage in the cloud service is influencing the mode of communication between churches between communities and congregations. Recently, places of worship like temples, churches, mosques and synagogues are recording an increase in attendance and connection with communities as a direct benefit of digital signage in the cloud service.  So, you might wonder – what does your church stand to gain from investing in the digital signage in the cloud service?

Enhancing Accessibility

The main goal of churches is outreach – meeting the needs of the local community and ensuring no communication gap. With digital signage in the cloud, outreaching and interfacing with communities becomes quicker and easier. Compared to the traditional church’s noticeboards, using digital signage screens makes information readily available and more accessible to the communities and congregations. Outline of events, manifestoes, fundraising campaigns and service times can all be better broadcasted using dynamic digital signage in the cloud boards. Not just that, your church can simply publicize more information, without having to deal with all the clutter associated with the use of traditional noticeboards.

Promoting Cost-efficiency

If your church is thinking of cutting its recurrent costs on printing flyers, handbills and posters, you should consider switching to digital signage in the cloud. Why? You can update the content of your boards without incurring any additional costs. This is one benefit churches and houses of worship looking to reduce their annual printing, publicity costs and maintenance fees of their office machines cannot resist. As contents can be modified easily and faster at no extra cost, you can save more money to use for other church projects.

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Improved Revenue Generation

Digital signage boards catch attention. Because of how captivating they are and how dynamic the contents they present are, they stand out in your church or synagogue and arrest the attention of your congregation and the larger community and get them talking.

As news spread about your publicity masterpiece, you can approach local businesses and pitch the idea of using your digital signage in the cloud system to advertise for them for a fee, and thereby generate a regular income for your church.


With the digital signage in the cloud system, there is no limit to what type of information you can publicize. Digital signage can be a combination of media contents from various sources such as social media feeds, digital noticeboards, photos and video albums all targeted at giving up-to-date and relevant information to your congregation.

Upcoming events, special programs, birthdays and anniversaries, prayer schedules, worship lyrics, scripture verses, requests for donation, sales of religious products, maps and routes, volunteer opportunities, community events and so on can be promoted by taking advantage of the versatility and dynamism that digital signage offers. With so many ways to use digital signage in the cloud service, your church can effectively communicate like never before!

Design Agencies Digital Signage Opportunities

Facilitating Decluttering

Think of the mess that paper documents create. Leaflets, flyers, weekly bulletins and newsletters all costs money to print but still are not as efficient as they are often bulky and not even as engaging. Similarly, traditional noticeboards accumulate a bulk of paper and are not even as effective in publicizing whatever message you’re trying to put across. In the end, not so much is achieved.

Digital signage helps you streamline communication. As your church displays multiple messages on rotation and because of the display of changing content, you can expect to garner more attention and record higher participation and attendance. Ultimately, these exciting features of digital signage in the cloud systems will change the way your church communicates with the congregation and the communities.



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