Bakeries, confectioneries and pastry shops have been around for a long time. They are an indispensable part of the food industry and just seeing a bakery sign offering us delectable cookies, bread, cakes and so much more that leave our taste buds wanting more. There are always special offers especially during the holidays, daily promotions and flash sales at incredible prices too. And that’s why they have been good users of signage from time – to advertise their mouth-watering products for public consumption. 

However, despite its longtime use of signage for advertising and marketing, the bakery trade is increasingly finding it difficult these days because they have to increasingly compete against business rivals. Many more competitors are springing up by the day, with better and creative products to offer. That’s not all, many newbies in the bakery trade also know that advertising is not what it used to be anymore. This is why many smart bakers and confectioners are opting for the next best thing in marketing and advertising – the digital signage in the cloud service for their bakery sign and signage.

digital bakery sign

Why Go Digital for a Bakery Sign?

Without gainsaying, digital solutions have made their way into the food industry. Quick service restaurants, bars, clubs and even franchise eateries now use digital signage in the cloud service for the promotion of their businesses to gain a competitive advantage. Bakeries and confectioneries are not excluded too. Many now use digital signage in the cloud solutions for their bakery signs and for several promotional purposes, and not surprisingly, it’s really paying off.

While it’s true that many bakeries have ditched the outdated static signs like billboards for the more adaptable and seamless digital signage, not many are aware of the daunting possibilities that digital signage in the cloud technology offers. The early digital signage technology is local-based, which means that edits and updates have to be done on a computer and saved on the USB. This means that even though menus and offers can be changed quicker than static signs, it still needed more efforts. However, the digital signage in the cloud service offers more real-time interaction. Changes can be made via any internet-enabled device such as smartphones or notebooks in real-time with lesser effort and displayed over a chain of bakery sign screens on the network regardless of the location.

bakery sign using digital signage

The Endless Possibilities Digital Signage for Your Bakery Sign

When it comes to the possibilities that the cloud-based digital signage solutions are endless. It’s so versatile and adaptable that it allows so much to be done. With this seamless technology, bakeries can inform consumers about the range of products, prices, special offers or sales promotions (such as price slash (“50% Off Special Birthday Cakes”, promo packs like “Buy 4 Get 1 Free” cupcakes and so on) they have per time. You can also display a countdown of a time-dependent offer (such as “Our Jumbo Valentine Cakes Promo ends in 13:00:09”, “Our 20% Discount Sales Starts in 00:59:24” etc.) to inform your customers about an ongoing or impending promotional sales offer.

As a baker or bakery owner, you can also use your bakery sign TV screens or monitors to advertise loyalty cards and new stock, promote new company policies or introduce new employees. And if you have a chain of bakeries and confectioneries across different geographical locations, you can easily synchronize their contents via a centralized digital signage in the cloud network. You can manage, edit and update the displayed contents at those separate outlets from your headquarters without hassle. Furthermore, your signage monitors can also be used for other purposes outside business. News, wayfinding, weather, social media feeds and other dynamic contents can be shown to entertain your customers while they wait in line. If you like, you may even allow other business outlets around you use your digital signage in the cloud screens to advertise their own products too, for a fee!



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