Digital signage is everywhere. In fact, 84% of UK retailers believe digital signage creates greater brand awareness and are looking for ways to implement digital displays (if they haven’t already done so).

As consumers, we have grown accustomed to seeing digital signage in shops, malls, and restaurants. However, most business owners still fail to fully capture the benefits this form of advertising has to offer. Think about it: it’s date night and you and your wife cannot decide whether to go for Italian or French cuisine. You’ve nearly convinced her to splurge in the neighborhood French restaurant when an ad of her favorite Italian place pops up on the television screen.

The battle is lost but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Imagine this happening to other couples who can’t make the choice between your restaurant and your competitor’s, only to have their decision swayed in the wrong direction by an ad. Or even worse, imagine a customer setting foot into your store only to be enticed by a video promoting your competitors’ products… run on your TV screen!

As a business owner, you have no control over the type of content that digital signage boards in your city or neighbor are displaying. The same is true about TV channels: if you have TV screens in your restaurant or place of business, your competition may be running ads on them in your very store! Walking into a Starbucks to see Costa’s ads running all over the screens surely doesn’t sound very professional, right?

Digital signage can help you greatly increase foot traffic to your store and realize dramatic increases in your sales but only when done right. The thing is that running an ad over the TV gives you little control over when and where it will be displayed, and who is going to see it. The key to reaping the benefits is to run your very own digital signage network: a channel dedicated exclusively to your products. Entice your customers with your latest offerings or upsell them with exciting promotions with a digital signage network, operated and controlled by you. Showcase your products in your store, display your menus and sweep your customers off their feet from the screens inside your place of business.

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