Brand promotion and sales are the most important part of any business, and every company’s wants and needs to sell its products as efficiently as possible. One of the most effective and proven ways to increase sales is driven by the proficient and active usage of Digital Signage and Drive Thru Signage. If you are searching for ideas to increase sales using the Drive Thru Signage, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will explore how countless businesses can benefit by using Drive Thru Signage.

But first of all, if you want to install Drive Thru Signages to improve the condition of your sales, then congratulations! You are also taking care of your customers by creating the ultimate drive thru experience for them and adding value to your products at the same time.

Drive thru method has been adapted as a business strategy because of its convenience and speed. Customers can get whatever product and service they are looking for in a matter of minutes, and adding to that, they won’t have to wait in the long queues just to get a product. Moreover, sometimes customers have emergencies and drive thru is more suitable for these customers.

As much emphasis is put on the drive thru the method, an equal amount of importance should be given to Drive Thru Signages because the whole drive thru business strategy is very much dependent on these signages. The more efficient these Drive Thru Signages can be, the more satisfied the customer will be. With the right notification delivered at the right time, the whole customer experience can be taken to the next level. But another problem arises when Drive Thru Signage gets used to serving the customers.

Traditional Drive Thru Signage

These signages have been used from the beginning to enhance the drive Thru experience and bring it to the next level. Usually, two types of Drive Thru Signages are used, the first one displays all the menu items (breakfast, dinner and lunch) at the same time, and the second one is a two-sided menu board that can be easily flipped around.

The Problem and Solution

But the problem with this type of drive thru signage is that whenever the business wants to change or add any extra products and sometimes rectify the price of the products, it is impossible to do it in these types of drive thru signages. You will have to go through several tedious processes like designing new signage, approving it, printing and shipping, all of which will end up costing you more money and time.

drive thru digital signage​The best solution is to install a digital drive thru signage display for your customer. The benefits of using install a digital drive thru signage display are mentioned below:


Dayparting is a method through which a day can be divided into different segments, and all of these time frames will use various programs for each time period. And if we link it with digital signage and drive thru signage, then it means showing or providing the right content at the right time to the customers. This way you show what is available at a certain time of the day and the customers won’t be confused in the meantime. Moreover, you can also showcase your top-selling products without holding them back. If you are having a promotional event or anything similar to attract more customers then you will be able to include that too in your display signage.

A Conditional and Contextual System

One of the indispensable advantages of installing a digital drive thru signage display is that you will effectively apply the conditional and contextual system in your digital drive thru signage display. The term can be confusing, but the system is not. For example, the outside temperature has dropped a lot, and it’s literally freezing cold, then the signage display can display an additional hot chocolate option in the signage. This can be done with AI, which can detect the current weather conditions and push the products and services accordingly.

Animations that have Visual Appeals

We all know that in business, improving the customer experience converts into money and revenue. Therefore it is also important to create visually appealing advertisements and graphics for the customers. If the menu is easy to read, it will lead to a quicker buying decision, and ultimately the customer will have total satisfaction from their purchase.

Drive thru signage display is the first impression for the customer who wants to purchase things quickly, so the menu boards, display etc., matter a lot if you are willing to impress the customer and want them to come back again. When heading through the drive thru lane, approximately 74 percent of customers (food lovers) give easy to read menus a top priority for themselves. The studies also show that the most effective boards are visually appealing and have minimal print.


Similar to any other digital signage display out there whose main aim is to show the brand and its product (in other words, marketing), the drive thru signage works in the same way. The signage reflects the brand of its owner with the visually attractive advertisements and graphics to promote the products as well as reach out to the customers.

Additionally, advertising has become a lot easier with the help of digital signage. Previously the company had to send workers to the places where digital signage display screens and drive thru signage screens are located to change the content of the display. The whole process was time-consuming, manual and costly. But with the help of digital signage and digital drive thru signage screening, promotional content, new products, special items, and menus have become much more accessible, easier and efficient.

The best way to execute your marketing strategy is to provide customers with the ultimate buying experience, and with drive thru signage, not a single customer will feel left out. If you are exploring ways to promote your business, then installing a drive thru digital signage display would be a great choice to create a positive impact on your business and customer service.

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