Entice your customers, engage their 5 senses and inspire loyalty with SignageTube: the digital signage platform designed for restauranteurs and owners.

Make your restaurant the go-to place

SignageTube’s easy-to-use, intuitive interface allows you to engage with your customers in an entirely new way. Display your menus and mouth-watering specials in shops and restaurants to drive new clientele. Make instant changes in real time by updating your cloud-based menus from anywhere with a strong Internet connection.

Build loyalty by giving your customers all the information they need in advance – display allergens, meals’ calories, inform them of sold-out items or new offerings, and updated pricing. Simplify the order and collect process by minimizing waiting times with SignageTube’s digital menus and price lists.

How does SignageTube work

SignageTube is a cloud-based platform that allows you to present content such as images, video, text and PowerPoint presentations on remote screens and televisions all around the globe. Create different screens with today’s specials or updated pricing and assign different playlists or channels to every screen via our app.

All you need to do is channel your creative side and drop a video or a presentation on the screen. SignageTube will then convert it and distribute your files to remote screens and TVs worldwide. Bring your brand to televisions in shops and restaurants in every corner of the world, and instantly see what’s being displayed in real-time!

Embrace the future of digital signage with SignageTube.